Who we are and where we want to go
- We are and strive to remain leaders in the design and engineering applied to specialized hauling, heavy lifting and hoisting activities and in the execution of complex activities of project logistics. We aim to be the best worldwide in performing the above mentioned activities in compliance with all necessary safety rules and regulations.
- We are “real and trusted” partners for our Clients starting from the feasibility study phase and supporting them with innovative solutions: the success of our clients is our strength.
- Being BBC: reliability, innovation, efficiency, care, pro-active behaviour, loyalty and a continuous quest for excellence are part of our spirit.


Our values talk about us.
We want to experience them in our commitment to give excellent services to our customers. We aim to put our values at the core of our world every day.


Operating in full compliance with the principles of health and safety is our priority. In our respective areas of work, each of us receive the necessary tools and training procedures to operate under safe conditions. Reducing risk for our staff, for our customers and the communities in which we operate around the world is a goal that we pursue relentlessly. BBC is…Working on the safe side.


Customer satisfaction is our goal. We listen to customer needs, we propose innovative and safe solutions by following the highest standards of quality.


BBC people act as if the company is owned by themselves. We are looking for new opportunities and new challenges, setting ourselves ambitious targets and aiming to improve constantly. We are aware that enhancing the work of each other and taking responsibility for our actions and decisions is crucial to achieving positive results. We treat with the utmost care and attention the people with whom we interact and the resources available to us. The success of the Company is our own success.